Enjoy a holistic healing experience with a Facial Treatment.

August 16, 2019 | News

Buzz phrase self-care seems to be a convenient umbrella under which manicures, pedicures, massages and other spa treatments are huddled together. We’re big proponents of all of the above, even though the phrase feels over-used, but we’d like to call out facials as a crucial component of your skin’s health rather than something you treat yourself to once in a while.

While aestheticians’ books are filling up quicker these days thanks to YouTube and Instagram stories touting the latest skin-soothing treatments, many dermatologists recommend monthly professional facials to keep skin looking its dewy, most youthful, and breakout-free best.

In a recent Allure article, NYC dermatologist Ellen Marmur explained that the monthly protocol is ideal as the skin cell turnover cycle lasts 28 days. Just like something else which can cause your skin to do all kinds of weird things such as break out, develop oil slicks, or dry up and flake off.

At Salt Method, we offer a variety of good-for-your-skin and your mental health treatments. We use award-winning Epicuren® products and all of our facial treatments are performed in one of our beautiful salt caves featuring a fireplace, crafted salt walls and infrared towers to ensure our clients enjoy a holistic healing experience.

Our facials range from 50-80 minutes and each is designed to focus on a different need. The signature facial is calming and good for any skin type and features a green tea and seaweed soothing mask to detoxify and replenish skin. This facial also employs moisture surge hyaluronic acid to restore moisture and help skin perform at a more youthful level.

Gemstone facials are trending on social media, and ours will leave your skin feeling detoxified and tighter and appearing lifted, refreshed and revitalized by utilizing the unique energy of a blend of topaz, tourmaline, lepidolites, and more than 45 other micronized gemstone crystals blended with bentonite clay.

Check out all of our wonderful facial treatments; we know you will find one—or try a different on each month—that sounds perfect. All of our 80-minute facials include a complementary luxurious mint renewal treatment for your hands and feet, and you can add-on an extra special treat for your eyes or lips for only $7.

Ready to get your glow on? Give us a call today (435) 565-0361, or better yet stop in and see us Monday-Friday 9-5 at 1675 W Redstone Center Dr. Suite 135 & 140 Park City, UT 84098.

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