Massage Therapist Glenn Belnap

July 17, 2019 | General

About Glenn

Glenn Belnap was born and raised in Utah and grew up in Clearfield, near the Great Salt Lake. In 2015, he completed the Rolfing and Massage Therapy training in Salt Lake City. He’s always been very interested and involved in sports, weight lifting, dieting and other fitness pursuits.Beyond the joy he found in these activities, he also came to realize how crucial physical health is for a happy and fulfilling life. When he was introduced to Massage Therapy and personally experienced the world of benefits it has to offer, he was hooked!

“Not only had I found something that changed my life, but it offered a path for me to positively impact the lives of others.”

As a Massage Therapist, he takes his work very seriously and his top priority is always to give each client the ability to improve their health by using muscle manipulation, stretches, and exercises that integrate with their fitness goals.

“I truly love what I do; helping others to improve their health and reach their wellness goals beings me tremendous joy. I look forward to being part of all my clients’ wellness journey and will do everything I can to help them along their way.”

From a Client’s Perspective

I have been receiving massage therapy from Glenn Belnap for about six months now. I really appreciate his attention to details and shared excitement for my improvements. I believe he truly cares about my health and wellbeing.

I love being active, but inevitably the wear and tear on my body leads to minor injuries and sometimes more serious ones. I tend to ignore injuries; attempt to train around them; or stop training all together, wait until the pain subsides and then resume without ever really addressing the issue. Some of my biggest injuries include a torn ACL, torn shoulder labrum, and a herniated disc in my lower back. I mention these only because Glenn noticed a zig-zag of adaptation in my body as it naturally tried to find the best solution to work around these injuries. You can see below that initially my left foot rotated inward a bit, my right hip was slightly higher than my left, and my left shoulder was slightly higher than my right. By working with Glenn, we’ve addressed many of the old injuries that were causing these misalignments and I now have a much better and more stable posture. I feel the best I have in many years, which motivates me to be more active in my daily life.

Glenn’s deep tissue and rolfing techniques have broken down my scar tissue, reactivated stabilizing muscles, and improved my body alignment, mechanics, and range of motion. I realize I will always need some maintenance help in order to feel my best, and I appreciate that Glenn has the expertise and passion to get me back in the saddle. Thank you, Glenn!

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