SALT METHOD Halo Lifestyle offers both Pilates & Yoga classes. SALT METHOD has a beautiful Pilates studio located within the business called 'Salt Pilates'. Salt Pilates offers intense quality instruction in an inviting holistic salt room environment.  Come experience the Feeling of being refreshed & rejuvenated while increasing your level of strength and flexibility. Salt Pilates™ offers 10 Pilates stations. Each station is equipped with a Basi Reformer , Wunda Chair, Spring Wall, Bodhi Suspension System, Barre, and an individual Salt Wall. 

SALT METHOD'S Yoga classes are held in the large Salt Cavern where the floor is covered in a bed of Himalayan salt. During the class, clients will experience the benefits halo-therapy and infrared as salt is being grinned up into a fine powder and dispersed into the air. All yoga classes are suitable for all levels and all needed props & towels are provided for the client by Salt Method.

Come join our Salt Method™ community and experience the difference.

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