Foot Zoning


Foot Zoning Description

While receiving the added benefits of halo therapy and infrared, relax and rejuvenate your body and mind with this holistic approach to total wellness. Receive precise, directed pressure to the various “zones” of the feet designed to enhance all bodily functions, while stimulating your body’s natural healing capability. Some key benefits include renewing cell cycles, restoring life energy, sports enhancement, and bringing all systems into balance. Foot Zoning accesses your body’s innate intelligence. 

Types of Zoning


Sports professionals and enthusiasts can benefit from regular Foot Zone Therapy sessions through improved circulation and lymphatic action. This stimulus energizes tired muscles and inhibits the production of lactic acid.  Foot Zone Therapy also encourages stress reduction and lowered anxiety, which enhances sleep and quicker recovery.


With trigger points for each vertebra, lymph, muscles and nerves, this addition to the Foot Zone Therapy session can enhance energy flow, allowing the spine to release and rejuvenate.  This supplemental protocol starts at the tailbone and works up the spine to the top of the cranium.


Chakras interact with the body’s endocrine and lymphatic systems, supplying supportive energy and removing disruptive energy. This Foot Zone Therapy enhancement can balance and clear unwanted energy from the aura and chakras bringing clarity, while lowering stress and tension. (done with essential oils and/or crystals).

Foot Zoning Rates